Combo Breaker Strikes This Memorial Day Weekend

Combo Breaker Strikes This Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend our FGC players head out to one of the largest competitive fighting game conventions in Illinois to battle it out this weekend at Combo Breaker! For the next three days starting Friday, May 24th players from across the globe will zero in Chicago to compete for bragging rights.

Crescent Esports players competing will be Alex “DevilTrigger” Nguyen, Glen-Mikl “Doza” Mendoza, and Dylan “DJ Malady” Jones. As previously announced, Axel “NovaSpec” Bailey and Curtis “Zipmasterflex” Jones were originally scheduled to compete, however, they will no longer be attending Combo Breaker due to personal reasons. Do not despair, however, you will be hearing from them soon!

So much news for this year’s Combo Breaker as it will be the biggest one yet with over 425 entrants. It will be hosting 23 competitive games; WE REPEAT 23 GAMES! The MK11 Pro Competition will kick off here to boot. The Mystery tournament will be the talk of the weekend on the ground. It will certainly be a huge weekend for UNIST.

Below you will find a listing of games, pool brackets, times and viewing channels.

So, let us wish our FGC team the best of luck as the spice of Louisiana heads north this Memorial Day weekend. Stay tuned as we bring you interesting stories each week detailing what we are up to and be sure to follow us on social media for more! #FlytheFleur







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