Our Staff

Meet our team!


Lumen “Lulumeister” Vera


Lumen Vera has been in the esports scene for over 20 years. Starting as a competitor in Counter-Strike 1.5 to managing and coaching several high level teams in different esports such as Overwatch and Dota. His background in education and team building has been geared towards his biggest passion: gaming. He is the drive and passion for Crescent Esports’ goal to become the vanguard of Louisiana esports.

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Venisia “Sikadelic Mu53” Gonzalez

Public Relations Manager

Venisia is a published author, an entertainment journalist, video game industry contractor, copy editor, and public relations manager currently working towards becoming a video game writer, and video game and esports publicist. She is focusing on character development, plot, world building, and scriptwriting to achieve her writing goals. Venisia is a member of the Latinx in Gaming and the Puerto Rico Game Developers (PRGD). She is a part of various literary groups for her poetry and a recipient of various awards within that network.

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Allan “Mizey” Mizell


Allan Mizell was a competitor in his early esports career, but followed his dream of creating his own esports organization. He has managed several organizations, some with more than 50k+ fans. He is the backbone of Crescent Esports ensuring the organization’s foundation is rock solid.

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Artie “Real Talk” Valle

Player Development

Artie Valle was introduced to esports through his son’s passion for gaming over the last few years. His desire to support his son has led him to develop his own passion for competitive gaming and player development. He brings with him 10 years of athletic coaching/team building experience coupled with 15 years of business management at one of the largest retailers in the U.S. Artie is determined to push our players to reach their highest potential while preparing them for the challenges that come with competitive gaming.



Peter “PartyPetah” Lee

Apex Legends Coach

Peter Lee started to play video games at the early age of 6, and has been invested in both the games industry and competitive scene since age 16. He wears many hats: Content Creator, Streamer, and Community Lead for Rooster Teeth. All of Peter’s accomplishments both personal and professional come from a long history of following his passion in gaming. He now seeks to dominate the Pro Apex Competitive Scene with Crescent Esports.

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Tristan “Unborn” Trejo

Rocket League Coach

Tristan is a 20-year-old competitive Rocket League player and coach. He is currently in college while progressing his Rocket League career. Tristan began playing Rocket League on Xbox in Season 3 and switched to PC in Season 4. Being a High Grand Champion for multiple seasons has given him the chance to experience high level Rocket League both on and off the pitch. It also allowed the opportunity to coach other players.

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