Jeff “Appa” Clark

Appa began playing games at a young age. Throughout high school, he searched for ways to channel his competitive drive and was introduced to Magic: The Gathering. His competitive career began in Baton Rouge to New Orleans, where his best friend introduced him to Hearthstone. Appa found a love of Hearthstone and quickly began competing at a high level. With multiple High finishes at LANs and over $4500 in earnings, he is a fierce competitor who is always looking to improve. With the launch of Magic Arena into the CCG ecosystem, Appa finds himself competing in Magic once again. He aims to make a name for himself as a respected CCG player. When Appa is not playing cards, studying, or hanging out with friends, you can find him on the Coin Concede Podcast that he has co-hosted for three years.  

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Zaib “HonestZaib” Qayyum

Zaib is a lifetime competitor. From a youth professional bowler to Top 10 tennis player in Louisiana, to a National Spelling Bee participant, Zaib is a grinder at his core. Currently a medical student in New Orleans, Zaib is working hard to balance his drive to compete with the best Hearthstone players in the world while undergoing a rigorous medical school curriculum. Yet, that is not enough to stop him from hitting the Hearthstone ladder. With one Top 200 ladder finish, a peak of #34 North America, and numerous accomplishments in various leagues, Zaib is striving to establish himself in the competitive Hearthstone scene.

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Michael “Mick” Lessard

Mick has been playing Hearthstone since beta. After playing for about a year, he reached rank 5. He took his love for the game to the next level. His skills have pushed him to the top of the leaderboards and to attend several Hearthstone Masters events. His competitive nature pushes him to become a Grandmaster. Mick strives to make 2020 a year where his name is known.


Michael “Sc24evr” Varon

Mike (sc24evr) Varon is an up-and-coming Hearthstone competitor. A Legend ranker who strives to build his skill base while growing a standing in the community. Sc24evr streams bi-weekly and most recently competed in DreamHack Atlanta 2018. His best ladder ranking is 14 legend. When not playing Hearthstone, Sc24evr is spending time with family and working as a patent attorney.

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