Rocket League

Kyle “Thrillz” Nucum

Kyle “Thrillz” Nucum is a 19-year-old competitive Rocket League player. Thrillz has always been a natural-born competitor. In late 2015, his love for competition transitioned from the traditional sport of basketball to the growing world of esports when he knew he had to decide on pursuing basketball or esports. Thrillz originally competed in the popular video game called League of Legends. But after falling short season after season, he stumbled upon the release of Rocket League and instantly became attached. After finding plenty of success early in his Rocket League career, he finally made the decision to switch from competing in League of Legends to competing in Rocket League at the beginning of 2018. Thrillz is never content and thinks that there is always room to improve even if you’re the best player in the world. His competitive drive is what continuously pushes him forward. He currently sits in the top 1% of Rocket League players and looks to continue his success with Crescent Esports.

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Christian “Flash Callahan” Turner

Christian “Flash Callahan” Turner is a 24 year old gamer from Baton Rouge, LA with a background in many genres of games from FPS to Racing prior to landing in Rocket League. A competitor to the core, starting early in life playing sports, Flash brings the upfield pressure in speedy and relentless fashion with creative passing and shooting plays.

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Kevin “Tensaye” Dabu

Tensaye is a very dedicated, committed and supportive player on and off the field. Tensaye has played video games all their life, starting at the age of 5. Tensaye knew from the very beginning that they wanted to be involved in gaming. Following esports from the very beginning, Tensaye knew that this was their passion for gaming. With time and dedication, Tensaye grew into the competitive player they have become today, becoming one of the top percentage players in Rocket League.

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Justin Sipe

Sipe a 30-year-old Rocket League player out of Pennsylvania. He is a well-rounded player capable of putting in goals and making saves. Sipe is a high Level Champion 3 player whose eyes are set on making Grand Champion in the near future. He has accomplished back-to-back champion seasons in United Rogue League.