Dancing Fighter

A woman who wears many “hats” (and hairstyles) who is always eager to take on the next challenge, Aya is a long-time cosplayer, partnered Twitch streamer, voice actress, Final Fantasy XI/Final Fantasy XIV enthusiast, and a FGC competitor who is loyal to her main in Street Fighter V, Sakura (she’s been maining her since Street Fighter Alpha 2). As Dancing Fighter, Aya began her content creating journey around New Years Eve of 2013, from there she went on to become a Twitch partner on July 16, 2014. As for her competitive FGC story, she started gaining experience from her local FGC scenes in 2014 when Street Fighter IV was still the prominent title. With Aya’s experiences seeing the power of community, both online and offline, she now looks to the future to grow further in her endeavors as a multi-faceted public figure.

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Jake The Viking

Football player turned YouTuber, Jake is from North Carolina and is a part of the famous YouTube group, MrBeast. Jake played football throughout high school where he then continued his career at LSU. After graduating, Jake moved back home to work with his family when he was approached about joining the MrBeast YouTube channel. He has been with the channel for almost a year now, helping it grow from 4 Million Subs to the 16+ Million it has today. When not working, Jake spends his times working out, and playing video games.

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Shelby Dueitt

She is a model, an athlete, a gamer, and more importantly a lover of horror. You can find her streaming Dead By Daylight talking about films, games and life with her chat.

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Snooperoofle has been a competitive FPS player for over a decade originating from Counter-Strike: Source, moving into CS:GO and then Overwatch. Now Snooperoofle focuses on entertainment in the competitive ladders, ranking Global in CS:GO, Top 500 in Overwatch, and success in BR’s. While offering a high ladder experience, he offers tips and tricks for his viewers to learn from, but he doesn’t only play shooters. He is accustomed to time-attack runs in Monster Hunter World with impressive times, plays osu! eloquently, and will occasionally run new and old games for an invigorating blind playthrough.

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