Faye V Flave

A succubus known for her fighting and culinary prowess, Faye has been granted access to the world above to pursue more inspiration for her endeavors to connect her kind with mortals.

However… this involves having to get close to mortals in order to learn about their tastes and lifestyle without having to fulfill such lustful desires…

To help her on this adventure, magics have been granted to her to turn her succubus form into that of an adorable bunny girl.

Will Faye be able to find the secret ingredients to connect those of the underworld with those of this realm?!

Let’s hop to it and get cookin’, shall we? ♥

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Pirin “P-Chan” Sriweawnetr

You’ll find Pirin, aka P-Chan, geeking out about Street Fighter V’s Ed, powerlifting, neuroscience and much more. A woman of many passions, her content isn’t limited to one genre. P-Chan’s path in the FGC started in 2009, behind the tournament organizer’s desk. Now, she not only competes in Street Fighter V but also an aspiring Twitch streamer. P-Chan hopes to use streaming as her platform for fun and educating others! When she isn’t gaming, she’s hitting the books to finish her Master’s degree in Exercise Science.

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