Aya “Faye” Montoya

A woman who wears many “hats” (and hairstyles) who is always eager to take on the next challenge, Aya is a long-time cosplayer, partnered Twitch streamer, voice actress, Final Fantasy XI/Final Fantasy XIV enthusiast, and a FGC competitor who is loyal to her main in Street Fighter V, Sakura (she’s been maining her since Street Fighter Alpha 2). As Dancing Fighter, Aya began her content creating journey around New Years Eve of 2013, from there she went on to become a Twitch partner on July 16, 2014. As for her competitive FGC story, she started gaining experience from her local FGC scenes in 2014 when Street Fighter IV was still the prominent title. With Aya’s experiences seeing the power of community, both online and offline, she now looks to the future to grow further in her endeavors as a multi-faceted public figure.

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Christian “FlashCallahan” Turner

Christian “Flash Callahan” Turner is a 24 year old gamer from Baton Rouge, LA with a background in many genres of games from FPS to Racing prior to landing in Rocket League. A competitor to the core, starting early in life playing sports, Flash brings the up field pressure in speedy and relentless fashion with creative passing and shooting plays. He now moves his skills in gaming and music to a new venture: content creation.

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Pirin “P-Chan” Sriweawnetr

You’ll find Pirin, aka P-Chan, geeking out about Street Fighter V’s Ed, powerlifting, neuroscience and much more. A woman of many passions, her content isn’t limited to one genre. P-Chan’s path in the FGC started in 2009, behind the tournament organizer’s desk. Now, she not only competes in Street Fighter V but also an aspiring Twitch streamer. P-Chan hopes to use streaming as her platform for fun and educating others! When she isn’t gaming, she’s hitting the books to finish her Master’s degree in Exercise Science.

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