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Coming from supplements, we see bodybuilders and athletes using stimulants and nootropics to help focus on their workouts, but these products are not fine tuned for the needs of a gaming session; they are made to increase pumps in the gym. With that in mind, GG Labs didn't just recycle a product a bodybuilder would take and marketing it to competitive gamers - they created CRIT with the ideal gaming session in mind. GG Labs can improve your accuracy, increase your APM, and dramatically up your overall awareness. Use the best to be the best.

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Blackstone Labs

The Holy grail of supplements

A strong appeal into the more dedicated, or “hardcore” levels of user in the fields of fitness. While BSL still aims to maintain that level of interest among the most extreme bodybuilders out there, they have also taken steps in recent times to cast their nets out and begin to engage and build relationships with a much wider audience: Esports. Health and fitness are extremely important in reaching the highest levels of professional esports. Use the best supplements to help you push yourself as hard as you do ingame, in the gym.

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